Free Podcasts to Help You Sleep or Relax

 Great alternatives to the Calm App

The Calm app is pretty much the relaxation app du jour, but the monthly fee can be quite a doozy. As an alternative, you could always resort to counting sheep. Luckily, there are many free podcasts and sources for sleep help on Instagram or Youtube! 
As your resident sleep experts, we spent countless hours searching the far depths of the internet to bring you our top podcasts and videos that you can watch/listen to for free on Apple Podcasts, Youtube, or Instagram.
  1. Meditation Oasis

Mary Maddux has an incredibly soothing voice and an episode on every topic imaginable. After a few listens, we don't know what we would do without her! Our fav episodes:

  • 'Relax into Sleep Guided Meditation' 
  • "Deep Rest Guided meditation'

Check out this review:

"I have tried so many different apps, and methods of meditation and Meditation Oasis has been my #1 resource since it was recommended to me a few years ago. Mary's voice and style are soothing and effective, and I always seem to easily find exactly what I need in the library of guided meditations. 10/10 recommend!" 

Meditation Oasis is a top feature by NY Times, Yoga Journal, and Huffington Post. The guided meditations and instructions are usually 20-30 minutes long and require no prior experience to enjoy.

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  1. Sleep Meditation Podcasts

This ASMR podcast features a wide variety of nature sounds and binaural beats from ocean waves, rain, thunderstorms to fans with white noise. 

Nature sounds will help you feel at ease and draw you into a trance of deep relaxation. These sounds will help you well into your journey to deep sleep.

Check out our top picks:

  • 'Super Calm Ocean Sound'
  • 'Oscillating Fan Noise'

Guided sleep meditation podcasts tracks are also available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube Music. 

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  1. Embodied Astrology

If you are addicted to Co-Star and The Pattern, this podcast is for you! These horoscopes are so detailed; it's easy to doze off (ZZzzzz). 

Something about listening to how the stars align in the universe and how energies are shifting will have you transcending into a deeper space. There is an episode for each sign and life lessons like 'Love is the Antidote to Fear.' We are addicted! 

Here is a glowing review we found for Embodied Astrology:

Renee's new and full moon readings are a must if you are a follower of the moon phases for your sun, moon, and rising signs. She goes through each sun sign's monthly horoscope, meditations to help your journey, and a unique set of intentions. We HIGHLY recommend this podcast! 

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  1. Awaken Radio

The host, Connie Chapman's sweet voice, punctuated with a naturally upbeat Australian accent, has a way of putting our souls at ease. This podcast is for more than just sleep. It also works wonders when you are stressed and need some therapeutic healing to relax or sleep.

We keep these episodes saved! 

'Breaking the Cycle of Worry' 

'Struggle or Letting Go (Part 1 & Part 2)'

Awaken Radio will enlighten your senses with its grounding, comforting, and uplifting teachings. The topics are divine and will tackle all sorts of life lessons regarding relationships, families, and careers. She has a solid social media following and offers free samples of her audio worldwide.

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  1. Instagram- @Mediate.daily_

These videos are mesmerizing since they combine the powers of relaxing waves and soothing music. They have great visuals and photography, which you can focus on while listening. 

Be sure to add them to your favorites if you are looking for a more relaxed afternoon or nighttime!

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  1. Youtube- SleepTube 

There are many videos, but we love both the visuals of nature, lights and binaural music. Still, our favorite is "The Blue Forest" Binaural Beats Sleep Music INSOMNIA RELIEF [Fall Asleep Fast].

Bonus! Also, a great one for Instagram @sleep_tube has amazing shorter videos that are great for a quick refresh! The visuals will leave you with some lucid dreams! 

SleepTube - Hypnotic Relaxation

We hope these podcasts and videos will help you to get the best sleep possible. Don't forget to set a timer so you can slip into a deep sleep without worrying about your morning!